"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

-Matthew 18:20-

Let us all help one another through prayers, words of hope, and encouragement. Share with us your prayer requests and we will pray for you.

What can we pray for you?

Pray for one another


Pls pray for the protection of my family always from all evil and accidents and illness. Thank you.

- Sony 


I pray that we all come together to fulfill Crazy Horse's 7th generation prophecy:

"I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole EARTH will become one circle again. "

-Dr. George


To support our military and veterans by" standing" together in honor and respect for our nation's flag and those who allow us to enjoy our many freedoms.



Do great things for us, O Lord, for you are mighty and holy is your name. 

-Michael Collins and his family


 Pray for fruits of the Holy Spirit: Peace and Joy during this Christmas Season.

- Dr. George


May we all experience peace in our hearts through the joy the love of God brings us. 

- Khai


 A special prayer for all those who are in military service away from family during this Christmas season. May God keep you safe and bless your families.

- Dr. George 


Please prayer for our brother Pete that he find peace in the presence of Jesus.

- Dr. George

Shop Love God guarantee that your personal details will be kept private and confidential. All prayer requests will be shared on this wall because we believe that as a family, all of us, wherever we are, can pray for one another and lift the concerns to our God.