Our Story

Welcome to Shop Love God!

“Unite all in Love, for GOD is love.”

Our mission is anchored to the passions and yearnings of Dr. George J. Ceremuga, II, DO, owner of DrGeorgeJ.com. He is a Holistic Health and Healing physician (Lifestyle medicine) who desires to build a healthy, vibrant, and resilient nation through the Optimal Health of our Mind, Body, and Spirit and the daily practice of the 5 Pillars of Wellness.

Shop Love God believes that Lifestyle medicine empowers a person to “Own Your Health.” More Pills, Potions, and Procedures will not make us healthier. The game changer is Jesus Christ finding pure peace in his presence.  Humility, Love, and Forgiveness it is there if we want it. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have peace and joy.

We, at Shop Love God, glorify the beauty and magnificence of GOD and we are blessed to share our products to the world to “Unite all in Love, for GOD is love.”

“God will be the owner of this business. May His wisdom and favor be upon us and ShopLoveGod.com”

Many blessings as we build a city of GOD!


George J. Ceremuga, II, DO
DrGeorgeJ, LLC
Ambassador for Christ