The Right Reason

MARCH 20, 2018


Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

So I have reason to be enthusiastic about all Christ Jesus has done through me in my service to God.

Romans 15:17 NLT


Each day that I wake up; I thank God for another day in his Kingdom, the courage to do his will and then I make my bed! Before leaving my bedroom, I have set the tone for the day, enthusiastically and with a positive attitude building myself up by giving GOD all the praise and glory for my service to him. GOD has given me the honor to practice medicine; I enjoy giving back with a smile, hug and a positive affirmation to those who I am blessed to serve each day. Granted, some days, I would rather roll over in bed (and I do) but each day is a choice to let our light shine by sharing love, showing love, and being love.

What is our motivation to serve God and the people around us? Are we serving out of obligation or out of love for God?

Experiencing and understanding the love of God every day gives us the reason and the motivation serve and do things out of love. May God see our love for Him reflected on the things we do, whether big or small.


- Dr. George Ceremuga

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