The Fullness of God

MARCH 8, 2018


"For in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell"


How can you describe a glass with half filled water? Is it half empty or half full?

Sometimes we see life according to our own perspective. Our perspective affects the way we live our lives. We see life as a cup that needs to be filled with hard work and determination to pursue something greater than ourselves, something more than what we are seeing and doing. In the same breath, we see life in a chapter where we need to slow down, be content with what we have, and try to feel satisfied with it, yet half full.

Do you know that whatever perspective you see in your life, God declared that there is already fullness in Christ? Jesus is the fullness of God, from emptiness to fullness, from nothing to everything. Before we used to run on a treadmill, we keep on working hard yet we are getting nowhere. In Christ, we have found freedom from the chains of the worldly perspective. We have found rest, peace, joy, and life in its fullness.

The good news is Jesus can fulfill your emptiness because He is the fullness of God. With this truth, the Father rejoices because He is well pleased with it.

Wondering where you can find your fullness in life? Come to Christ. He can fill you up and even give you a life that is overflowing. He can satisfy you.

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