Simply Trust God

April 25, 2018 Daily Devotion


Lord Almighty,
blessed is the one who trusts in you.


Read: Psalm 84

Why is it that we allow ourselves to struggle at times with anxiety, fear, un-love, and unforgiveness? Many times it is out of selfish pride. I do not need any help. Well, you can do it your way, or allow God to guide you and show you his way. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways (Isiah 55:8). God knows how to make good out of every situation in his time. He knows how to heal broken hearts and wounded spirits. Our role is to let him. There is no problem too big for God. We have to be willing partners on this journey, take time to listen, be obedient, and love and praise God. He will see us through every dark moment. Hear the words, “Smile Breathe, Love and run into the arms of Jesus.”

As the old saying goes, “Try it, you might like it.” Life does not have to be complicated. This pneumonic may help to remind you to keep life SIMPLE:

S = Seek
I = Intimacy
M = Meditation/Mindfulness
P = Purpose
L = Love of self and others
E = Eternal enlightenment

This is how I build my trust in God, one breathe, one moment, and one day at a time. This is my choice.

One breathe, one moment, one day at a time.

Be inspired by the Lakota culture and how the praise God.
The Joy of Singing for God
Learn more about the Smile, Breathe, Love Meditation, visit
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Unite all in love for God is love! 

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