Knowing God Deeply

April 16, 2018 Daily Devotion


Be still, and know that I am God


Read: Psalm 46

Silence is the classroom where we hear the word of God. It is like fine-tuning a radio station. The more time we spend in quiet prayer, meditation and reflection the more we nurture our divine exchange with God. Our ears are tuned into God’s frequency. Our hearts are open to our divine purpose: Listen, Obedience and Lovethe new LOL!

It is possible to cultivate a mindful approach in our daily life through our breath. In all traditions, spirit means breath or wind. Spirit is derived from the Latin-Spiritus, which means breath. For the Greeks, the Spirit is Pneuma-a term which also means breath. The Hebrew word Ruah is synonymous with the wind as is Yahweh. The descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was like the rush of a mighty wind. To know the Spirit is to know the breath of God.

When we Smile, Breathe, and Love we remind ourselves to stay in the present moment, we run into the arms of Jesus and are filled with the breath of God—the Holy Spirit.

Unite all in Love for God is Love!


Build a deeper relationship with God by always desiring to hear His voice.

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Unite all in love for God is love! 

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