Honoring The Lord Through Thanksgiving

May 4, 2018 Daily Devotion


“Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving
And pay your vows to the Most High;
Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me.”


Read: Psalm 50

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. It originated as a harvest festival. It is generally a celebration of gratitude and giving back something to all the things that we are grateful and thankful for.

When we express our thanksgiving, it is inevitable that we offer something in return. Something that is very important to us. It can be food, gifts, or any valuable possession to show appreciation and value to the person that we owe a debt of gratitude.

The Lord also asks us to offer something as our expression of thanksgiving to Him. Something that is costly because it is a sacrifice. Something that would cost us because it exceeds our limitation to give.

The wonderful thing about this sacrifice of thanksgiving is there is a promise that the Lord prepares for us. He will listen and rescue us when we cry for help. He will go before us and conquer our trouble for us. We will honor Him in the end because of His goodness and faithfulness in the midst of trouble. What a beautiful picture of honoring the Lord through Thanksgiving.

What is one thing you are willing to offer to God as your thanksgiving to Him?


Call upon the name of our Deliverer.

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