An Unexpected Faith

MARCH 29, 2018


And he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom." And he said to him. "Truly I say to you today you will be with me in Paradise."


Read Luke 23:26-43

Jesus fell three times on his way to the cross. Salvation depended upon him getting up. With assistance, he made the journey to Calvary. While hanging on the cross, Jesus prayed to his Father, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” (v. 34). Jesus' prayer was immediately answered by the Father when a thief hanging on the cross on His side believed in Him and His Kingdom. Christ did the best for the dying thief while he was at his worst. The conversion of the thief is a testimony to how powerful Christ's prayer is and how gracious God is to sinners like the thief-like us. Jesus assured the repentant criminal that he would meet him in paradise.

The faith of the criminal in Luke 23 did not happen from the time when Jesus was performing miracles, healing the sick, or raising Lazarus back to life. The criminal's faith occurred when Jesus' disciples have abandoned Him; when people doubted Him and watched him being crucified on the cross. How amazing and admirable the criminal's faith is!

It is never too late to commit your life to Jesus Christ. He is all loving and forgiving. Each day we are faced with opportunities and challenges to get up and carry our cross. Let us rejoice in our Lord for his mercy, love, and forgiveness.

This is a special day for me as it is my earthly father’s birthday. Dad, I know you are in paradise! I love you!

- Dr. George J. Ceremuga

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